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I have had the joy to study with many of the Ashtanga Yoga teachers who went to KPJAYI in the early days of Mysore, including Manju Jois, Nancy Gilgoff, Richard Freeman, David Swenson, Dena Kinsberg and my teacher John Scott. Two of the teachers (also from the early days) who have touched me most have been Rolf Naujokat and Kathy Cooper – if only they were not so far away.

John Scott
I met John Scott in 2008 in New Zealand and this changed my yoga practice and teaching life completely. I became a daily Mysore practitioner and under John’s instruction learnt the Primary, Intermediate and Advanced A Series of Ashtanga Yoga. I also teacher trained with John and apprenticed in his Mysore room. I have gone on to assist him when he visits the UK. I owe my Ashtanga practice to him.

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Sarah Hatcher
I moved to Edinburgh to practice with Sarah Hatcher; I had been looking for a female teacher and expected her to be older, but you know your teacher when you meet them.  I practised in her room at Meadowlark for two and a half years after arriving in 2017. I also assisted her for two years. I began the fourth series of Ashtanga Yoga with her and pray I will finish it with her. My practice has changed in subtle as well as gross ways under her keen eye, words of courage and confidence, technical instruction and adjustments.  Sarah is an inspiration as a practitioner and as a teacher. She has now moved to Dublin, Ireland and I will be visiting her there. I am also keen to study further with her senior teacher David Garrigue in the coming years.

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Bridget Woods-Kramer
I met Bridget in my early twenties and – whilst I had studied with other wonderful Iyengar and Hatha Teachers before, it was Bridget who really stoked the fire in my heart. Bridget is an Anusara Teacher and through her I learnt to offer themed Vinyasa Classes with a sensitive eye for detailed alignment. She teaches with wonderful humour, deep wisdom and great generosity. I still advise all my Vinyasa and Power students to seek her out if they are in London. She will always be my first true teacher and I love her and her classes very much.

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