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Yoga with Amy


I began yoga with my mum at 17, in 1997. It has been a way of grounding, healing and developing a richer interiority ever since. My family took a long trip to India at a similar time and I have returned many times to travel and study. I started teaching as an Anusara Yoga Teacher under the close mentorship of Bridget Woods-Kramer in 2005. Whilst I have remained connected with Bridget throughout the years and her teaching still informs my vinyasa offering, in 2008, I  began a daily Ashtanga practice. I studied, teacher trained with and sometimes assisted John Scott. In 2016 I sought to complement his teachings with those of a female teacher and studied a 3 year Mysore apprenticeship with Sarah Durney Hatcher between 2016 and 2019, alongside running a Mysore room in Edinburgh. I took a deep dive into the advanced series of Ashtanga and finished fourth series with her. Whilst I have sought to move away from the strict power dynamics in lineage-based yoga systems – these teachers shared their teachings with me generously, and I am forever grateful. Since 2021, I have been practising with Joey Miles, whose alignment focused teaching has refreshed my Ashtanga enquiry, whilst tending to a deep yearning to ‘unlearn the culture of effort’ (as his teacher Christian Pisano coins it) and compliment my Ashtanga practice with more restorative asana, pranayama and meditation. I have a masters in Philosophy and continue to read and study the history and philosophy of yoga.

Though the histories of both Anusara and Ashtanga have been marred by the behaviour of their founders, these practices have offered me great solace throughout my adult life and it is this healing potential I attempt to share.  I teach Ashtanga Vinyasa in the assisted self practice (Mysore) method without dogma online for Meadowlark Yoga (Edinburgh) and in person for Lime House Yoga (Cornwall). I believe in adapting the practice to each person’s individual constitution and life in order to make it accessible and maintainable. I have a student centred, compassionate approach that offers students choice and voice regarding their evolving practice. My vinyasa and restorative classes are themed and sequenced around specific bio-mechanical alignment principles to help students to practise intelligently and pain free. Philosophy, pranayama and meditation are woven into the fabric these classes.

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