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Yoga with Amy


Yoga Classes Schedule 

18:15-19:30 Vinyasa at Meadowlark Yoga ONLINE

06.30-8.15 Ashtanga Assisted Self Practice (Mysore) at Meadowlark Yoga ONLINE

16.30-17.30 Vinyasa Yoga at Meadowlark Yoga ONLINE

18:00-19:00 Power at Meadowlark Yoga ONLINE

06:30-08:30 Ashtanga Assisted Self Practice (Mysore) at Meadowlark Yoga ONLINE

17:00-18:00 Power Yoga at Meadowlark Yoga ONLINE

08:30-10:30 Ashtanga Assisted Self Practice (Mysore) at Meadowlark Yoga ONLINE

08:30-10:30 Ashtanga Assisted Self Practice (Mysore) at Meadowlark Yoga ONLINE


Class Descriptions

Ashtanga Assisted Self Practice (Mysore): In these classes students build an independent self-practice based on the Ashtanga series of postures, beginning with the Primary Series. Each day we meet students where they are that day and share in their work to establish ease and steadiness in asana whilst developing quietness and clarity of mind. The postures, their order and the breath which laces them together make this a powerful, healing practice.  However, where the sequence seems rigid for the individual’s needs we explore together introducing props, krama and research into what is best in service of their constitution and experience. Assists are offered, but students are welcome to come and practice with verbal cues only. Students can arrive and start at different times and leave when their practice is complete.

Vinyasa and Power Vinyasa Yoga: Vinyasa Yoga classes are suitable for those who choose to move gently or this seeking a more powerful practice; most postures are offered with plenty of options so everyone can practice in the way that feels right. Each week I focus on a different aspect of the practice, from the bio-mechanics of back bending or hip opening to subtler aspects of the practice like the forms of the breath, the subtle energetic body or meditative stillness. This way students learn to practice intelligently and to develop a rich and peaceful interiority. Power vinyasa classes have longer holds in strength building postures and some inversions and arm balances.

Ashtanga Inspired Vinyasa: In this class we will take a krama based approach to a variety of poses from the Ashtanga series. Students should have an established practice, as this will assume some knowledge of Ashtanga. However, it will be a playful practice, with lots of options and modifications for all body types, so do come as you are!

Gentle Vinyasa: This is a low, slow, vinyasa class. We do about 1 hour of flow and then go into more floor based seated and restorative poses. There is an extended pranayama session, usually at the beginning of this class.

Deep Release and Restore: This class is a combination of a few flowing gentle poses to open and then a long session of deep openers and restorative poses, which are heavily propped. We do a longer session of pranayama and meditation in this class too. It is a very replenishing class for those who are seeking a little care for body and soul.

 Private classes: I also teach private classes via Meadowlark and you can book these through their front desk. One to one teaching is particularly useful for those with injuries or specific questions concerning practice.